Slow Carb Diet

by Robert Barton, D.C.

In this video, I discuss the “Slow Carb Diet” which is a great way to lose a little weight to a great deal of weight. Between July of 2014 and December of 2014, Mr. Werner lost 70 lbs and didn’t even know he was using the slow carb diet. Congratulations to him!

You can find more information concerning the slow card diet at:

The rules for the slow carb diet are as follows.

1. Eat no fruit

2. Drink no calories

3. Eat nothing that is white or could be white

4. Eat the same meals often

5. Splurge 1 day per week. Eat whatever you want.

It’s that simple. I use the slow carb diet myself with great success and I challenge you to do the same. The more you need to lose, the more strict you can be. You will achieve the results, there is no doubt about it.

Happy eating.

Robert Barton, D.C.Slow Carb Diet

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