Neck, Back, Arm, Leg, Shoulder & Headache Pain

Whatever is ailing you, We can help

Neck Pain

Neck pain

Whether you slept wrong and your neck hurts or you have had neck pain for many years, we are experts in identifying why your neck hurts and what to do about it. Often there are many things we teach you to do at home to promote recovery and improved your symptoms.

Pain Radiating

Arm pain

We can evaluate your arm pain and determine if it is in your arm or radiating from your neck. Arm pain radiating from the neck is a serious condition and needs to be addressed appropriately before nerve damage occurs.

Low back pain

Low back pain

Low back pain is one of the most common conditions we evaluate and treat. Living with back pain can cause permanent damage to the supporting structures. Don’t live with back pain.

Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body. As a result it sacrifices stability and is very prone to injury. We are experts in helping you rehabilitate your shoulder or determining the cause when necessary with advanced diagnostics.



Headaches have many causes. The most common cause are tension headaches which are associated with your neck in many cases. Headaches respond well to conservative treatment and usually very quickly. Other causes of headaches can be more severe. If you have headaches, get help fast.

Leg Pain

Leg pain

We treat all kinds of leg pain. Whether the pain is radiating from your back, due to sports injuries and overuse or from more serious causes, we can help.