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Patella Tendon Treat Upstream

Patients often come into our office with pain in their patella tendon. The actual problem is rarely in the patella tendon itself. That is just where the symptom is. There are 4 quadriceps muscles (hence ‘quad’) that converge over the knee cap and form into the patella tendon. It is very common that soft tissue dysfunction in the quadriceps muscles are contributing to added stress and tension on the tendon which is what causes the pain. In this video Dr. Robert Barton with Peak Performance Spine & Sports Medicine in Pasadena Texas discusses this concept and treats with an instrument assisted myofascial release technique. Just remember, if you have knee pain sometimes you have to treat ‘upstream.’

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Making Time for Loved Ones

In this video I head to see my daughter Avery in College Station where she is a student at Texas A&M.

Admittedly I have spent a lot of time working and love opportunities to spend time with family to make memories.

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How To Fix Bad Shoulder Posture

Forward shoulder posture is a common cause of trapezius (shoulder) pain as well as chronic neck pain.

Most importantly, forward shoulder posture is almost always accompanied by forward head posture.

Forward head posture puts additional stress on the cervical discs and joint. This can cause early degeneration and of course, pain.

This video shows how to assess for forward shoulder posture as well as 2 ways to stretch if you determine you have forward shoulder posture.

This can help improve neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and most importantly preserve your neck from early degenerative changes.

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Two-Level Cervical Disc Replacement Indications

Spinal surgery can often be a scary thought for most people.

In this video, Dr.Barton explains the indications for a disc replacement vs a spinal fusion after participating in a 2 level disc replacement surgery using the Mobi-c disc implant. The Mobi-C implant preserves motion in the spine which can reduce pressure on the adjacent natural discs vs a fusion.

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